QR-E Mute   Double Clutch Booster

Electronic Clutch  and Manual mechanical

Classic structure Mute Tech Low Noise

Max 260W  Power (Continuous)

Standard Range (30 Miles  -B60i  Hybrid Mode )

Applicable Bikes: On-Road Bike、Off-Road Bike(Riding on a paved road.)、City Bike 、Folding Bike

Shiping in 1-2 weeks


QM-2 Electronic Clutch Booster

Perfect electronic clutch

New structure and  Low Noise

MAX 240 Power(Continuous)

Standard Range (30 Miles )

Applicable Bikes: On-Road Bikes、City Bike 、Folding Bike

Coming in 2019

Easy to carry, Air transport requirements

B60 / B60i Battery Pack

Voltage 25.2V   Capacity 120Wh(B60) &159Wh(B60i)

Standard Range(ECO/Boost Model):15/25 Miles( B60 )、 20/30 Miles (B60i)

Aluminum bottle

Including lithium battery protection system, battery level display

60mm diameter can be easily placed in the bottle rack

Shiping in 1-2 weeks